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At the Pegbar Animation Studios, animation is the illusion of movement.  Our team includes talented artists with unique skills and backgrounds. We concentrate on Traditional 2D Animation combined with 3D elements and special effects.  Our artists are actors with pencils.

Introduction to the animation pipeline process for Pegbar Animation. This is your guide, Uni.


At the Pegbar Animation Studios, the story all begins with an idea. The development team then begins developing the idea into a story. The story is written in script format before being broken-down and communicated to the various departments.  Our writers are seasoned professionals in comedy and storytelling.  Our projects are developed exclusively at the Pegbar Animation Studios.

The initial script is developed.

Concept Art

An important part of the development process is Concept Art. It lays the foundation by producing ideas to capture the visual feel of the projects, and serves as a point of reference throughout the creative process for our team. Important elements include; Line, Color, Shape, Form, Value, Space, Texture and Imagination. 

Concept Art, where initial drawings are created to figure out the look, feel and settings of the production.


Upon approval, the script is broken-down and storyboards created. This is similar to a comic book, where a series of drawings describing the action of the film, shot-by-shot are produced. The Storyboards are then made into an animatic. After the Directors’ approval, voiceover, music and sound effects can be added.

Storyboarding - This breaks down the production by each shot to determine the work.

Art Department

The Pegbar Animation Studios Art Department which includes: art directors, production design, special effects and several sub-departments, is responsible for arranging the overall look of the project. This department is also responsible for producing posters, product and advertising packaging and social media one-sheet designs. 

The art department receives its notes to continue with production.

Character Design

Our artists create the entire concept, style and artwork of each character from scratch. They look into the character’s personality to develop a visual idea of the character’s physical features. These designs tend to evolve as the character becomes more familiar to the artist. 

Artists collaborate on various aspects of the character design.

Set Design

Without the creation of the Set, characters would exist in nothingness.  Think of a house before the foundation has been poured.  Once the ground has been leveled and foundation poured, the framing and building can begin. Set Design is the stage for the characters and story to perform.  Beginning with research and thumbnails, the process is moved to the Layout Department where the design is further developed.  A good set design can live on its own.

Set Design

Technical Directors

At the Pegbar Animation Studios, the TD is a combination of an artist and a programmer, responsible for providing support to all the artists, supervisors and production teams. They scout, evaluate and develop tools. They are experienced in effects, lighting, pipeline, creature and character technical/scientific knowledge.  The TD aids in all stages of post-production including finalizing.

Technical Directors


At the Pegbar Animation Studios we begin with a blank surface. We create the illusion of movement, life, atmosphere, regions, habitation, and situations. We then combine story, design and character elements to create the illusion which tells the story.  The illusion of culture, personality, empathy, exploration and discovery completes our tale. 



At the Pegbar Animation Studios if it’s not walking, talking or background, it’s likely visual effects.  The role of our Visual Effects Department is to produce elements to accompany the story and make the film more believable and visually imaginative. Imagine a rain forest without rain and puddles, a burning building without fire and smoke or Mount Everest without snow and wind. 



At the Pegbar Animation Studios, Lighting is used to create or enhance the visual mood of a scene or setting.  Lighting can direct the viewers to a certain location, reveal or hide characters and maintain interest and continuity.  Our Lighting Department is a part of the Set Design.



So you can’t draw? Here at the Pegbar Animation Studios our Accounting Department has several responsibilities: tax, financial, managerial and audit.  Our accounting departments assist us with making the best business decisions.  

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