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Our Mission

Animating Our World

Our Mission is to provide world class animation production to our clients and  a creative workplace for our crew.

At the Pegbar Animation Studios our foundation is creativity. It begins with an idea or story. We celebrate our roots in Traditional 2D Animation and continue this visualizing art form throughout our projects. Striving for the highest quality and best storytelling imaginable. Our animators are “actors within the medium”, breathing life into enduring characters with genuine emotion.

The Peg Bar Animation Studios

The Pegbar Animation Studios produce a variety of animated entertainment for audiences. We specialize in traditional character animation, computer animation and the blend of both mediums. We are an award-winning animation studio creating film, broadcast and advertising entertainment. At Pegbar we create some of the worlds most distinctive and imaginative animated entertainment. The Pegbar Animation Studios was founded in 2014. The studio is currently developing projects for broadcast.

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