"Imagine it, animate it."

Our Work

"Freestyle" Clip

Running Time: 00:13

This clip is from our first short, "Freestyle".

Basketball - Fan Prompt

Running Time: 0:33

2D Animation with a 3D background.

Kendama VFX

Running Time: 2:07

3D, 2D, and rotoscope animation, with visual effects.

Motion Effects Test - Flag Football

Running time: oo:19

Testing out motion effects with video footage.

Motion Effects Test - Basketball

Running time: 00:12

Testing out motion effects with video footage.

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The Peg Bar Animation Studios

The Pegbar Animation Studios produce a variety of animated entertainment for audiences. We specialize in traditional character animation, computer animation and the blend of both mediums. We are an award-winning animation studio creating film, broadcast and advertising entertainment. At Pegbar we create some of the worlds most distinctive and imaginative animated entertainment. The Pegbar Animation Studios was founded in 2014. The studio is currently developing projects for broadcast.

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